• Longman product launch at 10 June 2018 got a great success

    News 2018-06-14

        Longman held the product launch at 10 June 2018 during "Guangzhou international lighting Exhibition" , many lighting designers have came to visit our product launch. Last year, we were here to share with friends and teachers in the design circle. The guests were amazed at the exquisite lighting effects and the complete service support we provided. We listened to the appeals of their projects. At the end of the meeting, the guests were still full and the meeting was a complete success! This year we hold the product launch at the old time, old location, four times bigger than last year's hall and got a great success.

    We have showed our new lights:

          We capture the rainbow in nature and hide it in the lamps. Even if we turn on this light, we can have a rainbow even on cloudy days. Children love this rainbow.This rainbow can be projected on garden paths, children's parks, flower sand trees, and kindergartens. The bright, compact color of the lamp body can be used in ancient tunnels to turn on the lights. In the moment, the tunnel looks like a new life!

          The dynamic water ripple that symbolizes the ocean seems to be suitable for any field. The recently completed Huzhou Children's Whale Park Project has been used by Shanshui Township Project.This watermark is used to spread the facade of the building, making the whole building seem to come alive like a living. If you provide us with architectural images, we will provide ideas.Help to control the price and increase the added value of the entire project.

         Dynamic or static pattern lamps can be widely used in indoor halls and outdoor buildings for projecting company logos, security signs, poetry, and multiple gray scale patterns.We will recommend the appropriate wattage according to the site environment to ensure the effect of the color, namely: enough brightness, a suitable pattern size.

          We simulated the sparkling surface of the river in the late evening glow, projected the secondary lines with luminaires, laid them on the road, and the people walking from work ran above it. While enjoying the smart waves, feel comfortable in your heart. We provide initial design concepts and post-installation commissioning services.

          Thanks so much to our clients and friends for visiting our product launch, thanks to the hard work of all colleagues for this exhibition, we will continue to work hard, try our best to make more contribution to architectural and landscape lighting career ! If you would like to know more information about our newest products, please visit our Architectural and landscape lighting website: http://www.ledmewish.com