About Ledmewish


Ledmewish Brand Profile

Born in 2012, Ledmewish is one brand of Guangzhou Longman Opti Co. Ltd as architecture and lighting series.

The vision of Ledmewish is: Contribute to beautify the World with our dramatic architecture and landscape lighting

Our mission is: Coronate Light with Dynamic Color and shadow

Ledmewish poetically combines surroundings with light, lingering trees and flowers, fusing cloud and fog, snuggling wind and rain, echoing fountain and lake, rolling and spreading cloud, blooming and falling flowers even wax and wane are flowing poetry.

Our culture is to absorb wisdom and manifest connotation. Based on meeting customers’ need with our feature of product, we aim to improve our taste consistent with the public, enhance cultural and Literary connotation, strengthen our technology and serve for design-advanced projects.

Ledmewish positions in making good products and providing best service. Founding in nature and culture and sublimating the light concept, we focus on dynamic, characteristic and independently intellectual proprietary products to provide customers professional solution with specialty products, especially strive for excellence in design concept and construction coordination.

Ledmewish architecture brightening luminaires include The Element Series, Painting series,  Face Off series, City Color series, Elliptic Beam series, Pointy Beam series, Zooming series, Outline series, Flood light series, Common Project series and Wall Washer series and the power ranges from 1-90W.

Ledmewish, in optics, offers non-linear image, linear image,Conical light distribution, Oval light distribution, zoom light, high-intensity axial light distribution, surface coloring etc and other product solutions.

Ledmewish LED architecture and landscape brightening lighting luminaires feature advanced concept, strong dynamic control, diversifying, high-efficiency lumen, rich light chromaticity, environment protect, long lifespan, small volume and high protection performance to be widely used in various architecture and landscape brightening.

   Our service team has established in Guangzhou and expands outwards, till now we have agencies in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Xi’an.

Our latest architecture and landscape lighting cases associating with design and engineering companies include Guangzhou Chime-long forest temple and water park, Shanghai ocean world, Shenzhen-Hongkong UABB main building, Lanzhou West Railway Station, Baoji, Shaanxi Swimming and Diving Hall, Foshan City Cultural Center, Sichuan Museum, Thailand ASEAN Expo AEROKLAS exhibition hall, Thailand ASEAN Expo Honda Hall,etc., while the other projects are in progress.

Our products and engineering team is based on stage and outdoor performance experience to support architecture and landscape lighting projects all over the world with products, scheme, installation and adjustment, at the same time, we will make unremitting efforts to beautify China’s construction with our valued clients and friends.