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FireDance 100-fire effect light


1、DC12V,Eqqwuiped with Exterior IP66 SMPS.

2、30W(27W@25℃ Peak ouput).

3、Lumiled LED 620mA.

4、standard 80 °, when connect light beam with no related dark hole caculate as 60°.

5、8CH,Dimmer,Color1,2,3,Clockwise and convert,Speed,Shutter,dimming Curve.

6、imulated flame effect with no heat,Patent Design.

7、3.7KG,with double yokes 3mm thick supporting bracket

8、Size  226*201*245mm

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  • fire-effect-light

     Simulated flame effect with no heat,Patent Design.

     Firewave effect,projecting direction use,fiewave run up high, speed adjustable, could connect and overlap. 

     Lumiled LED, variable combinations and Lumens Output, Low comsume, stable performance,long longevity.

     Red, Amber 1 and Amber 2 Mixing use makes real fire effect showing all kinds of nature fire.

     DMX512 signal control,4 buttons address setting with LED screen.

     Display could aotu turn off after no operation,show DMX signal situation make tesing easier.

     Dim 4 Square law dimming for 0-100%, video flicker free, with strobe/gradual change/color change inbuilt programs;

     NTC temperature control system inside, MCU reduce the power output when LED working temperature is too high

    Voltage input: DC12V,Eqqwuiped with Exterior IP66 SMPS.
    Rated Power:30W(27W@25℃ Peak ouput)
    Luminaire Efficiency: >0.7,Light Efficacy >31lm/W.
    LED Lumens:Lumiled LED 620mA, White and Blue combination 1320lm 12Lux@10Meters,Red and Amber combination 830lm.
    LED Wavelength: Red=625nm,A1=590nm,A2=600nm,Ttpical Chromaticity CIE1931 (0.5297,0.4170) .
    Field Angle(10%): standard 80 °, when connect light beam with no related dark hole caculate as 60°
    Control signal:Meet E1.11 - 2004 USITT DMX512-A,32 bit,PWM>1.5KHz,Video flcker free.
    Dimming Curve:Dim 4 square law dimming, smooth in low DMX Value dimming, not Jumping, no vision shock
    Chanel option: 8CH,Dimmer,Color1,2,3,Clockwise and convert,Speed,Shutter,dimming Curve.
    Housing material: Die cast aluminum ADC12,standard Matte balck, barndoor and color filter available.
    Safty: CClass III, 3C 2.5mm2 VDE cable, Flame Rating V-1, Protect Rated IP66.
    Operate temperature:-20~+45℃,Lampbody peak temperature 60℃@25℃Eviroment
    Cerficated:Product pass CE, Rohs, SMPS pass CQC or UL60950, UL8750.
    Insulated:Dielectric strength 1.5KV,Impedance strength > 2MΩ
    Weight: 3.7KG,with double yokes 3mm thick supporting bracket.
    Size: 226*201*245mm

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