• The story of the Old days in Light Shadow.

    Product News 2016-02-24

     (Why Phantom200 is Awarded Top 10 by Alighting Cup)

      Have you ever clibmed a tree?

    Do you rember that summer vocation?there is noon time of a sunny day.You made a little bite at
    the sweet wild food, it tast like the flavor of hevean!
    To recall the old days is to embrace the sweet life.


        Do you still remenber the moments under the tree shadow that you slept on chair, playing swing?You heard the pure sound of forest, among the sound, there is rustling leaves touching each other, Cicada moan, and bird’s whistl?
        To enjoy the shaking tree shadow is also to enjoy the music of nature.
        That is the apearance of tree shadow in the old days. Some people forget, but some embrace.The designers put it in design, as the IES Award 2012 Broken light, and IES Award 2015 tree shadow in pederstain in a park.



        So what come up in your mind when we are talking about tree shadow?
        Is it like this with a big branch?

    Or is it like this with Coconut leaves extending themselves to the sea?

    Is it vague or is it like this clear?

        Well you may say the wind will be always blowing, so the shadow need to flutuate, but not very sure the direction and speed.
        Clear of vague edge of a shadow?
        You may also be lost when we can get a clear shadow? when we can get a hazy one? Here might be the right expression.

        The basic knowledge is: The Image is same size as Substanceunder paralle light beam.
        There will be some diffusing effect of sunshine due to cloud and dust and moisture in the air.
        Point Ais full covered by sunshine, B point is a point insidethe shadow, and thedistance between A and B is d.
        Supposed d is a fixed value(for example 1CM),if H increase,θ will decrease,it means the brightness difference of B and A will be less, the conclusion is when distance H from substance to image become bigger, the shadow edge become vague.
        Supposed H is a fixed Value, if d increase, θ will increase, it means the brightness difference of B and A will be more, the conclusion is when the center of a shadow is darker than the edge.
        So a clear edge need less cloud diffusion and need colser height of substance.
        What shadow do Phantom 200 create?
        A dynamic vague, non mere-direction shadow is what we make, it is like this.

    And it is also like this.

    How it performe and act? Have a look at our booth at Alighting Frankru exhibition Guangzhou,
    we hide the light inside to protect it from been taken photoes, just show the light beam throught
    half-transparent menbrame.

    Also there is video, this is what we recommend, it is very hard to test IES, because its light distribution is non symetry any direction.
    The video is mucbetter you may say.
    So why Phantom200 is Awarded Top 10 by Alighting Cup?
    Here is the answer.
     It use nonlinear image technology, no need to do focusing and fine focusing
     It performe the light beam as sunshine go throught forest, could change color from 6000K to
     It is an express of WOOD of the 5 elements, so it is cultured based
     It offer more living feeling and inspiration compared to a comon light
     Its light beam could connect and overlap
     Could used with sound and speaker system to play the sound of forest
     It follow DMX protocal and use ARMCored MCU
     It use touch activated screen as control interface
    And here is a recommended design case.

    The designer want it to be layout along the pederstrain, offer enough as 30lx, and offer a dynamic
    feeling to especially in chilly cold winter in could places as northern part of China, Euro.

    Wish you light this baby.
    Any referfed and more information please feel free to contact us:
    sales@ledmewish.com for sales tec@longmanlight.com for technical.