• General Manager of Austria Massi Enterprise visited Longman

    News 2011-12-08

    December 8, 2011, the general manager Mr. Harry of Austria Massi enterprise visited Longman factory. Our regional manager of European market, manager of technical department and general manager received Mr. Harry.

    Massi enterprise started form designing European high-end furniture. Now their business is involved in home products retail chain, exhibitions planning, exhibitions decoration and other fields; their market share covers the whole territory of Austria, and extends to Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries. Now Massi has developed into one of the leading companies of home products design in local market, made great achievements in sales of lighting fixtures for exhibitions, become lighting provider for a number of home products exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Italy, etc.

    Mr. Harry's visit was mainly to discuss with us about the new product, indoor LED light with die-cast aluminum housing, without noise, Model F1-V1.0. This fixture can mainly be used in industrial lighting, stage lighting and so on, with reliable advantages like high brightness, hard housing, difficult to damage, no fan inside, without noise etc. Mr. Harry was very satisfied with the performance of this product, hoped to fill the gap in the market of this product with our company's brand strength and technological superiority, and said their company's order amount in the first quarter of 2012 would be more than 100, 000.

    Massi enterprise has achieved the consensus with us: will launch more noise-free indoor LED lights with die-cast aluminum housing to market, to meet the growing demand for stage lighting. We are confident that Massi will be our good partner at products sales and brand marketing in Austria.