• Ledmewish belong to Longman brand attend the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition from 9-12 June , 2016, and got a great success.

    News 2016-06-17

    Many clients from more than 100 countries (Canada,United States,France,Italy, Belgium, Australia,, etc.) and more than 30 provinces of China (Beijing, Shanghai,Zhejiang, Xian, etc.) have visited our booth, we happy gather together with old clients and friends, also met many new friends at the exhibition. 

    We have showed new development of high-technology architectural and landscape lighting at the Exhibition, including:

    1. Waterwave reflecting effect lighting Beach Goer V100: Waterwave reflecting effect under wind, speed adjustable, could connect. 

    2.  150w water surface trace Excursive Vogue 300: The Concept acts water surface light track with bright and dark curves.

    3.Blue sky and white cloud icloud 300: Blue sky and white cloud effect under wind, sky color temperature variable, wind speed adjustable, multi greyscale Cloud.

    4.Led gobo light Keen Film 150A: The GOBO could be easy adjusted and renewed upon business require. With shapers to adjust light beam shape, and with iris to ajust round beam.

    5.Ode to the Fullmoon 200: The Concept acts as Variable shape and color of moon , act as 15 shapes moon GOBO projection , The GOBO could be easy adjusted and renewed upon business require.

    These are our designed independent R&D according to the phenomenon of nature, are the unique products in the lighting industry, have reached the international leading level.


    Especially the product Beach Goer V100: Waterwave reflecting effect lighting ,has been awarded “Top Ten Products Award ” of 21th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition –Alighting Award.

    Thanks so much to our clients and friends for visiting our architectural and landscape lighting exhibition, thanks to the hard work of all colleagues for this exhibition, we will continue to work hard, try our best to make more contribution to architectural and landscape lighting career !

    If you would like to know more information about our newest products, please visit our Architectural and landscape lighting website:   http://www.ledmewish.com